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Don’t Starve Together not loading

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Odyeiop    0

Anytime I try to start the game on XBox, it crashes at the initial splash screen. No updates to install, currently version

Any ideas on resolutions would be great. Thanks.

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justinliew    35

Hi @Odyeiop!

Did this start happening after the 1.1.15 YOTP (Year of the Pig) update? We made a change that saves some files to a different place on the XBox HD, so if those were written incorrectly it may cause problems similar to this. We have a fix that will go out in a subsequent update that should address this properly. For now, A couple of things you can try:

1. uninstall and reinstall DST. According to Microsoft, this should clear the temporary files and then hopefully when you run the game it will re-download them properly.

2. another option is, if you run multiple games on Xbox, apparently if you launch 4-5 games in a row, that _should_ force the DST temp storage to be evicted. These games have to be ERA titles (ie. full games, not smaller apps like Netflix/Youtube).

Let me know if these help or not. 


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