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  1. Good to know! I know previous patches have fixed you for a time, so I'll keep holding my breath until it's more consistent.
  2. We just put out 1.46 which fixes one bug in the login flow that might address some people's issues. If it doesn't, we've also added more diagnostics in the fail case which will continue to help us beat this bug. Please let us know what you're seeing on the latest!
  3. Have any of you who see the infinite logging in dialog ever seen a popup talking about PS+, or not being able to connect to servers, possibly with "Play Offline" and "Cancel" buttons? I'm trying to repro this and can get a very long logging in step but it always eventually brings up some sort of failed dialog. I'm trying to see where things are failing to proceed and for my current tests I always see some sort of failed dialog after maybe 5 minutes. Knowing this would help to know if I'm on the right track to reproducing this or not. Thanks!
  4. Yes, if you have the latest update, the portal crash is fixed.
  5. Interesting! Can you try a few times with each account and see if it's 100% the same? The other user above was saying it was the first time of the day, which implies there's something else going on. Thanks for the help so far!
  6. @mzajy @keats95 any chance either of you have another PSN account you're able to try? I'm curious why the other user in this thread can log in with another account but not a specifi one. That is interesting new information so being able to know if others see something similar would be great. @00lass00 is that always the case? Does your brother's account work 100% of the time and yours 0%?
  7. Are you still unable to play on the latest update? We are continuing to look into it so knowing if this has changed anything would be useful. It definitely has a lot of good fixes, but possibly not for the logging in issue. Continuing to dig...
  8. Would you mind getting us your KU? (this is a Klei User Id we can use to see if we can get any information from our online services to help diagnose your problem. If you go to https://accounts.klei.com/, follow the PSN login and possibly fill in a short registration page, you should be able to then see your KU under the "User Info" tab. You can DM me with it directly if you want, and I can continue to look into this.
  9. There's definitely a number of people having this problem, yes. I don't think it's 100% as a number of people reported it being fixed near the end of last week when we pushed a fix, but it hasn't fixed it for everyone. Have you by any chance tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game? That fixed some people, although that should be a last resort. I am looking into it as my highest priority to get you back to where you should be able to play the game as you want to.
  10. @keats95 if you click Play Offline are you able to proceed?
  11. Hmm, that's slightly different than the other day, where the hang was happening with a "Loading..." overlay rather than the "Logging in..." overlay. Not saying it's invalid, but it appears to be a different issue. Sometimes the "Logging In..." issues come and go so if you could get your friend to try again that would be great. Will continue to wait to see if others respond and how their screenshots compare.
  12. @iiAlkaabi @00lass00 could you post a screenshot of when this is happening, and also what your KU is? That would help me track this. Thanks!
  13. @keats95 @Val_9x39mm @00lass00 Could someone post a screenshot of when the infinite load happens? I'm curious if this is the same issue or a different one. Also if you can send me your KU if you know it, that would help me out as well. Thanks!
  14. How are you looking for servers? The Browse screen will only show servers that are waiting for players; if you don't see any servers it doesn't mean there are none. If you do Quick Join or Custom Match it should get you into the best server that it can. If there are no servers with players waiting, it will get you an empty server in the best data center for your region. Can you post your client_log.txt (found in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether) if you are having issues? If you're trying to custom match, can you copy the logs after you attempt to start a custom game? If you try to Quick Join and end up in a bad server, can you also post your client_log.txt after it happens? Thanks!