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Getting the wrong seasons + some other bugs.

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The_Dark_Cat    35

Basically seasons are not showing correctly whenever someone creates a RoG/SW World, the code thinks that since you have SW active you need to have the SW seasons.

Mod Page:

Is there anyway to make the code understand that it needs to verify the world you are currently playing to display the correct seasons?

Like if it meets a condition, to show A Seasons if it doesn't to show B Seasons and such.

RoG World without DLC's compat


SW World without DLC's compat


RoG with SW Compat


I can't run a SW with HAM compat... (PC SUCKS)


Second Bug is that some items appear without Icons or Names.



The items that don't appear depending on which world you play:


Cooked Lobster appears now!


Also how do I make the command to Start Precipitation and Stop Precipitation, I tried doing it but its not working In-Game.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.