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Bugs and stuff that will improve the playability of the game

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If i quit and save the game and come back bosses despawn.


You guys should reallyyyyy improve the joystick. It always messes up with inventory while you are moving. You could get it up a bit or add configuration option for players to choose where they want the joystick at.

Cloud Save

This is for players who wants to play the game at different devices and save the progression. Cloud save is needed for a long time also for pc version. It will be awesome if you add it.


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Selmoud    0

Hi there! I’d like to say that I have found out some issues:

I can’t feed beefalo with grass

I can’t burn spiky  - upd. Ok I found out how to burn it but it wasn’t obvious 

When torches run out Wilson in Russian localization says «Мой свет поган» but correct phrase is «Мой свет погас»

IPad Air IOS 12.1.1

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