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Server freeze after some time when no one playing.

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13 hours ago, KULI said:

Please help me :(

No need to push your post just a couple of hours after posting it. There are usually very few threads here, so you won't get pushed down till a few weeks have passed. Also people usually need a bit to respond.

21 hours ago, KULI said:

After playing when no one is on ther server it would freeze (go to sleep mode)

That's by itself a normal behaviour, so the World doesn't progress till day 19230647 without any player playing, which is also indicated by

[00:01:12]: Sim paused

The server log itself doesn't indicate anything else apart from being shut down 9 seconds after the Simulation got paused.


Could it be related to this issue that happened in the past when trying to connect to a dedicated server running on the same PC as you are playing the game on?


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