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Oh boy, has it been awhile...

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well i'm here and readier than possible ever to display my opinion. NO this should not be regarded as a GOOD idea, for I only ( according to steam ) have 4.4 hours in the last 2 weeks, so I should not be regarded as a good person for sharing ideas, so please tell me if there is anything that can benefit this idea better.


well we're off! Ok, one of my recommendations is a simple gradient for textures, this will act as a camera overlay that will radiate from any light sources. I'm not a game developer, nor have I ever attempted at your engine. but this is a large feat to implement, but will make the game feel more smooth, and better at removing most immersion breaks.


another one is... err... I seem to have run out of ideas sooner that I've would've expected... err... yeah..


Oh! maybe metallic reflections to the light emitters? If you didn't know, i'm out of ideas :P

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