Initial thoughts on the new build [68253]

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-I was really looking forward to the new build hoping it would eradicate the circular maps with "bridges". I beg you, please change the world generator so that the maps are not circles with bridges between, it's very annoying and impractical.

-Could you also, either add it as an option that can be turned off or just not put the newly made item in the weapon/tool slot.

-Now that everything is a bit more far apart, forests aren't as dense as before this build. Don't know if that was on purpose, but in my opinion, it was better when the trees were denser.

-As not only trees are more far apart, everything looks so empty. Maybe I'm just used to the way it was.

I know these are all negative, but that doesn't mean i don't like what you people are doing, I am just naming things that I think could be done better or things that were better before they changed.

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