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Help With Adding New Actions?

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so i've been trying to allow Willow to extinguish fires. basically exactly like how you'd be able to smother a fire with poop or ice but without the item. i've looked at how smothering and manualextinguishing works in actions.lua and componentactions.lua and attempted to create my own from there. but the option to extinguish does not show up ingame at all.

AddAction("ACTIVEEXTINGUISH", "Extinguish", function(act)
    if act.target.components.burnable and act.target.components.burnable:IsBurning() then
        local smotherer = act.doer
        return true

local function firefight(inst, doer, target, actions, right)
    if target:HasTag("fire") then
        table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.ACTIVEEXTINGUISH)

AddComponentAction("SCENE", "firefighter", firefight)

AddPrefabPostInit("willow", function(inst)

the firefighter component has nothing in it other than

local Firefighter = Class(function(self, inst)
    self.inst = inst

return Firefighter

am i on the completely wrong track? anybody got any ideas?

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Okay so the problem you have here, is that you created a new component and then assigned it to the doer instead of the target. These components are to be added to the target and not the doer.

And your new component is completely redundant, since you're targeting all prefabs with the component, "burnable". Why not just attach it to that instead?

You're also missing the StategraphActionHandler for "wilson" and "wilson_client".

Here's the code.

ACTIVEEXTINGUISH_ACTION = AddAction("ACTIVEEXTINGUISH", "Extinguish", function(act)
    if act.doer:HasTag("player") and act.target.components.burnable and act.target.components.burnable:IsBurning() and act.target:HasTag("fire") then
        act.target.components.burnable:Extinguish(true, GLOBAL.TUNING.SMOTHERER_EXTINGUISH_HEAT_PERCENT)
        return true
        return false


AddComponentAction("SCENE", "burnable", function(inst, doer, actions, right)
    if inst.prefab and inst.components.burnable and inst.components.burnable:IsBurning() and inst:HasTag("fire") and doer.prefab == "willow" then
        table.insert(actions, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.ACTIVEEXTINGUISH)

AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.ACTIVEEXTINGUISH, "dolongaction"))
AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson_client", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.ACTIVEEXTINGUISH, "dolongaction"))

Just for the record:
AddAction defines what happens when you perform the action.
AddComponentAction defines when you should be able to perform the action.
AddStategraphActionHandler defines what animation should be used when you perform the action.

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incorrect code
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