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  1. Strangely enough, I think I do have a grasp on how new players feel when playing DST. I've been spending more of my time in new players' streams. The first guy managed to get all the way down to a science machine before dying to a fire because it hadn't occured to him that fire spreads from tree to tree. He went and isolated the fire next time. The game is very well designed. And I mean very. It's written in a way to guide the player, subtly towards a self assigned goal.
  2. That's wrong. Some games are just hard. Plain and simple. There exists mods for Dark Souls which reduce its difficulty but people rarely touch them because in doing so would go against the game's entire design philosophy. But if you absolutely must, they still exist.
  3. I trust that new players will know to how maneuver a workshop. It's a steam game after all. The workshop is the place for game mods. I think you need more faith in the mental capacity of new players. They've decided to pick up a new game with the intent to learn a new game and that includes its settings.
  4. No. Never. Not in a million years. One of the charms of Don't Starve, to me is its unrelenting difficulty. The mentality of "get better or die" is one of the main fundamental elements of Don't Starve and that should never ever change, and neither should its successor, Don't Starve Together. If your friends are giving up because its too hard, then maybe its just not their game. If you want an easy mode, refer them to the workshop. There are plenty of mods which reduce the game's difficulty there. Or maybe the world gen settings, where you can straight up remove hound waves or increase berry bushes. The standard Don't Starve experience should not have a difficulty setting built in. Edit: And no tutorials either! It is my of my opinion that the game teaches the player through trial and error alone perfectly fine. This game excels at leading the player on by implying events that the player can infer. Maybe it'll take a world or 5, but the player will remember their choices and mistakes to apply for next time.
  5. Swinging the Dark Sword does not play the Dark Sword sound It instead plays the normal swinging sound.