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I've created an Ironman Challenge! Rules inside!

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Hey everyone!

I've been playing on the highest difficulty settings now for about a week and am really hooked on the level of attention it requires in the colony. I had an idea to make the game truly insane, and that's to have the game sort of play itself, with just the player as the architect to get their dupes off the asteroid.

The spirit of the Iron Man ONI Challenge is to give up control over the dupes and to ensure steady colony growth. There are only a few rules, such as geysers (not the pre-revealed ones) must be immediately studied when found, no save scumming and new dupes must be taken as soon as the Printing Pod opens.

Here is the full set of rules. I'm going to give it a try right now on stream, and I'd love hear here what you guys think about the rules! Any additions or suggestions are welcome! Comments are allowed in the document, too.

Thanks, and here we go!

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Nice challange, havent seen the stream but got a hard time imagining full difficulty with continuous recruitment to avoid an inevitable collapse between cycle 70-100. 

I will certainly try though as this seems FUN :) 

- dwarf fortress theme playing in the background -

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