Sharing a dedicated server on a cloud/drive

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Hello people !

I want to play with 2-3 friends (mostly 1) and having to be online to let them play kinda suck... As paying 10€/month for a server is.
So I was wondering if it could be possible to share a dedicated server on a google drive or something so I can host the game when I'm here and when I'm not my other friend can be in charge and us the config files in the drive ?

Sounds cheesy I know, but hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take :D

Anyway, possible or not, I thank you for reading/answering my little request.

See you in the darkness,
Bye !

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Well, you can get a DST server starting around 3€/month...

That aside, ofc it's possible to share a DST server on Google Drive. Just keep in mind that you still have to communicate a bunch with your friends to avoid data messups.

To do this, you set your DST save folder inside your Google Drive sync folder and your friends do the same. Afterwards you play on your server till you are done, and then you let Google Drive sync it up into the cloud before shutting down your system. Once one of your friends wants to play, he/she first has to ask if anyone is hosting the server atm, and if noone is hosting at that point, they host it from the files they got synced from Google Drive.

Just make sure to not host at the same time from two different PCs, since that'd modify files at the same time, which might mess up your world. (I'd recommend regular backups, just in case something like this happens.)

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