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Character Commission

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Hello, I am looking for anybody that is offering to do a character commission for me. The character that I want commissioned is down below and all the things that I want for him. The highest pricing that I will go for this character commission is most likely about $180 or lower depending on the difficulty, we can talk about it but mainly I am looking at $80 to $100 range. I'm not looking for anything extravagant, I would just like decent or good character design and the things that I am looking for in this character (below). I understand if you cant do certain things which is understandable if it is to hard to do but if you know ways around it or anything that you can do to make something as similar as it, please let me know. 


Sabo (One Piece)


Base Stat(s): I would like his base stats increased instead of the standard because in the anime he is physically strong.
Base Damage:1.5
Base Speed:1.25
Base Defense:1.5 (If Possible) or (Damage Reduction, if not on top hat?) 

Items or Perks/Abilities
   -40 Base Damage
   -When changing into devils fruit form, it does fire damage overtime, 5 damage (If Possible)
-Top Hat (Possibly-maybe done with character design?)
   -Stylish Looks
   -Damage reduction of 50% or more, depending if able to do defense?
-Fire Fist/Hiken
   -AoE (If Possible)
   -50 Base Damage
   -Fire damage overtime, 5 damage (If Possible)
   -Consumes 3 health and 2 hunger


Hot Key (Z)_Devils Fruit/mera mera no mi(Flame Flame Fruit) - I would like to make this a hot key transformation if possible. 
-When changing into this form, 20 damage fire AoE to anything within 5-10 meters (If Possible)
-Immune to the cold (Winter)
-Immune to fire and heat
-Small glow around him during the night

Base Stats gets 2x (Damage, Speed, Defense, and etc.)

When in this form, consumes 1 sanity per second

No fire Spread


Character Reference:

Overall stats/perks for both regular and devils fruit form
-When near fire, gains sanity 
-When near Luffy or other crew members, gains a little stat boost, 5% base stats increase? (Will to protect the others), (If Possible)


I'm not sure if defense is a base stat or not but if it isn't please let me know so I can change it, or maybe you can give me references or changes on it. However, just let me know if there are certain things that you cant do but maybe you know ways around it or possibly something similar to it, just let me know. As for pricing like I said we can talk about it depending on how difficult the things I am asking is but mainly I am looking at $80 to $100 range. 






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