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Add priorities and hiding to consumables window

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I 'added' two things to the below consumables window:

  1. A configuration button that allows the player to hide unused foods. This would be very helpful late game when you have no more use for Nutrient Bars and Muckroot. These food columns take up space in the current game. A pop-up / description would warn the players that hiding a food will prevent it from being eaten by all duplicants. As a bonus, this means that that the hidden foods are no longer included in the total available calories count at the top of the screen, giving players a more accurate count of consumable food. Also, with a much narrower window, it would be possible to add "Fullness" to this window - for those of us who have micromanaged duplicants with 100 kcal to eat before the duplicant with 900 kcal.
  2. The check/no check is replaced with X's, dashes, and up/down arrows similar to the Manage Errand Type Priorities window. This means that you can set the duplicant's preferred food rather than them always eating the highest quality food. See below for explanation of the examples. The "..." are added below each food icon so that the player may choose the consumable priority for that food.


  • Harold - this is no different than the current game, where he has a strong preference for barbecue and pepper bread.
  • Mae - is not allowed barbecue and pepper bread, she will only eat gristle berry, fried mushroom, and omlette.
  • Rowan - is allowed all foods, they will follow the current in-game rules and choose the highest quality food.
  • Jean - has a VERY strong preference for gristle berry and fried mushroom, they will eat this first if is available. If not, they will eat omelettes.
  • Hassan (probably the most useful configuration) - has a VERY strong preference for gristle berry and fried mushroom, he will eat this first if is available. If not, he will eat omelettes. If omelettes are not available, he will eat barbecue or pepper bread. This configuration is very useful for people who have low morale requirements, meaning the player prefers them to eat lower quality food first rather than eating the important high quality food.

Opinions are always welcome! Thanks for reading.

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1. Absolutely yes. There are many windows that could need some options to clean them up. 2. Yes please. With priorities I don't have to juggle consumables settings all the time based on what I currently have available. Using the same system as job priorities as you suggest should also make it understandable for everyone.

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