Don't Starve Together QoL Suggestions

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Yeah yeah, I know. Don't Starve's QoL isn't even here yet. (At least I don't think it is). Oh well. Here's a list of things I believe should be added to Don't Starve Together. Not the most terribly important features, but features that are nice to have nonetheless.

  • Critters should jump into wormholes after the Player instead of just appearing on the other side.
  • Critters should be teleported by The Lazy Deserter with the proper sand animation instead of just appearing on the other side.
  • Critters should ride the Beefalo with the Player instead of lagging behind and getting lost somewhere.
  • Lanterns/Mining Helmets should automatically shut off when using a tent/siesta/straw roll/fur roll.
  • There should be a "cast" animation for a Desert Stone instead of the usual "crafting" animation. Think "staff casting animation", but with a rock in palm, instead of a staff.
  • [May Affect Balancing] Salt Licks should be reusable, the wood part anyway. They should be crafted and placed with two boards. And a salt block is crafted and placed on the salt lick frame. Maybe they can be carried on the back similar to Marble Pieces/Sculptures? Beefalo tend to run at the player and give them a big hug while they're trying to fix the Salt Licks, interfering with their placement.
  • [May Affect Balancing] It should allow Players to hammer gravestones and dig, dug up graves. They're one-time use and can't even be removed.
  • [May Affect Balancing] Touchstones should regenerate every 70 days. If it is being used past day 70, it probably is being used because it is a convenience and is the closest or something like that. It's one-time use per player kind of just makes it a useless structure that can't be removed.
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