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At this point it's clear that completely hiding recipes from players is extremely confusing in the beginning (especially for the microbe musher).  Here are some unordered possibilities on how to mitigate confusion while still preserving the fun of unlocking recipes.

* Have a dialogue pop up when the microbe musher is first built saying the dupes haven't discovered all the resources need to make things.  This way the player knows they need to explore AND that hidden recipes are a thing in the game.  Maybe a hint about water as a sort of tutorial step.

* Have a recipe appear greyed out as soon as ONE of the ingredients is discovered. The remaining ingredients could be listed as ??? So the player has a hint about how much more work they need to do to make the recipe viable.  This also gives players something to work towards.

*Instead of just having an empty menu when you have no recipes available for a building, have a message saying that the materials needed to use the building haven't been discovered. Again this gives the player an idea of what they need to do (also the empty menu looks more like a bug than an intentional choice).

Obviously implementing all of these wouldn't make sense, but I think any of them would make the game more accesible to new players.

Unrelated: can we please have an option to mass disable disinfection?  Doing it tile by tile is excruciating.  Something like the auto harvest interface would be great.


Another unrelated thought: Please add the ability to scroll further off the edge of the map so the last bit of real map can be centered.  Right now it's very difficult to build by the edge because the menus can end up covering things.



Happy New year everyone!


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