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  1. When I defrosted the dupe in the cryopod I got Devon, but I already had a Devon in my colony on the starting planet. I'm guessing this isn't intended behavior.
  2. I got the automation achievement when I discovered a POI with automation as well.
  3. None of my dupes will open the security door. I thought they were just busy with other things, so I locked Burt in with the door, but even when idle he won't submit a bioscan. Included save file has Burt idle and not opening the door. Lunar Committee.sav
  4. I had the same issue with 238 mcg of iron. It went away when a different dupe completed the construction errand.
  5. The shattered planet displays in front of glass tiles, covering them up. It looks extremely silly. It correctly displays behind ladders, bunker doors, and wires.
  6. The nettle leaves are invisible when ready to harvest. You can still click or use space bar to harvest them, and they appear in your inventory correctly, but you can only see a plant stem. (The new withered and growing art is great!)
  7. Hmm, mine are growing, but I have a different bug: they are invisible when ready to harvest!
  8. Did you try fertilizing them? I had to do that to my wild ones.
  9. I can report that the Ro-Bin is NOT affected. His insides stay inside. Fridges, shelves, chests, backpacks, and NPCs are all affected.
  10. I have this as well. In addition it also seems to extend to the robber pig. His treasure map is shown as on the ground at his feet. ETA: The carpenter pigs also have their hammers showing at their feet.
  11. This isn't a bug. The beta is using a different server, so it's like you're a brand new player. Conversely, any skins you receive in the beta won't be in your non beta game either. Devs addressed it here:
  12. Annnd on day 129 my house is back. It was not back on days 122-127, so I *think* I'm doing something to trigger it coming back, but I have no idea what. 129porkland_1_dlc_porkland
  13. Here's a save file that has the black floor on reload. If you exit the house and enter again you get the pop up, but not when you first load the game. I had the bug on day 29, but it went away as long as I didn't enter my house for over a day and saved again. Now it's back on day 120. I'll see if it will go away again if I wait long enough. 120blackfloorporkland_1_dlc_porkland
  14. Here's the save file. This was actually my first time making a backup file. It's dumb luck I tried making a backup on this save file since I hadn't realized I had triggered a bug already. So while the original save was made inside the house, this one starts right after exiting the house. However, the sequence of events was the same as what everyone else described. If you go back inside you'll see the bug in OP's screen shot. If you do not go back inside, but instead go about your business, it's possible to get the house interior to come back. I'm not sure exactly what conditions triggered the reversal of the bug, but I can confirm that it eventually goes back to normal. I hope this helps. Disappearinginterior.txt Ah, I had made a backup of the save file and reloaded that. My original save was completely ruined like yours. I hung out in the dark interior of the house randomly picking up objects and prototyping things on the alchemy engine, but I never got the visuals back. As far as I can tell, once you go back in the house there's nothing you can do.
  15. I can confirm this happened to me as well. I had a back up save for testing bugs, so I loaded it and was able to reproduce the dark interior. There might be some other factors but saving while inside the house and reloading the save will cause the interior of the house to disappear when you reenter. Interestingly, if you don't go back in the house and instead play for another day, make a new save, exit and reload, then the house interior comes back.