need partner in metheus

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Hi there, sorry if it's not the answer you're looking for but believe me it's a good tip, -xD this puzzle kicked me in the tushie until i tried with my friend in person-
we were trying over discord, so he could see my tiles/screen and vice-versa, one o the easiest ways to see which tiles we're talking about, instead of trying to describe blindly the odd shapes, but it was a struggle nonetheless ahahhaha.
so since we live in the same neighborhood, i invited him over, and only then we could complete the puzzle because we knew without any lag, or messed up inormations, what piece we were talking about and moving together.

so, bascally, my strong advise is, get in touch with a close friend who plays DST, if you can't figure the puzzle out via discord-or any other program-but discord is better since they have screen share- if still proving dificult, invite them over so both of you can do the puzzle together one seeing the other's screen while trying to figure out the puzzle  -or see if a familly member or a close friend can buy the game so you can play together, if i'm not mistaken the megapack have a huge discount almost the price of the 'main game only' like i described to my friends so they could buy to play with me xD 'it's only the price of a pizza, buy it already so we can have fun and i'll pay u the pizza later while we play' hahaahaha- 
is amazing to play this game all together since we know each other haha it's like triple the fun while in call or in person.

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