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Shank has the privilege of return

The dishanker

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Shank has the privilege of return? of course if a publishing contract that is a case nothing serious luckily worse were if it had left the digital platforms by expired licenses, low sales, game rights problems or closure of the company, if it had been for at least one of the already mentioned there is if there was no hope for shank to return, it's okay to leave it available in steam because they went from game editor to EA in May 2013, but the users of the consoles were totally frustrated and sad to know that it was no longer available on xbox 360 or ps3. I say this to imply that shank still has that hope that someday it will return to Xbox marketplace and playstation network because if not, many people will be totally annoyed

https://delistedgames.com/xbox-360-games/ here is the link to all the games that have been removed from the xbox 360 marketplace some were fortunately re-launched and most will not return for unknown reasons or the ones I mentioned earlier and others have the privilege of return

https://delistedgames.com/all-delisted-playstation-3-games/ Here's the link to all the games that have been removed from ps3 PlayStation network. Some were re-launched for good luck, others for unknown reasons, others for the reasons already mentioned and others have privileges to return

I would like that in your platform of console you see the majority of the games so that you see the quantity and the why they went out and if there we will be able to find to shank in the 2 platforms of the page delistedgames.com


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