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  1. There is still time for Shank to return

    Almost a year since shank was eliminated in the stores of playstation store and xbox marketplace we see that klei and EA have not done anything yet and may klei never listen to us or ignore us since klei is worth who who did not get shank in consoles something that should be corrected and if klei still has time to correct his error and that his customers are satisfied with his return is not possible and a tremendously bad news for users of xbox one and who have shank 2 is to be announced that there will be no more retrocompatible games, that is, the first installment of shank will never say hello to backward compatibility with previous versions. So klei there is still time and hope for the day that x360 and ps3 will no longer have online support and if that day will ever reach people never but never forgive you klei so there is still time before it is too much late