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  1. shank 1 backwards-compatible with Xbox one

    I know that nowadays the shank 2 can be played in the xbox one, but the players and next buyers will know that there is its predecessor and want to see shank 1 in the retrocompatibility would be a very good one so that players would enjoy more of their game in a successor console and that was listed in the marketplace of Xbox and PlayStation store. here is the link for you to see and be aware that shank 2 already belongs to the program of retrocompatibility with the Xbox one since August 11, 2016 and its predecessor shank not yet.
  2. Shank Xbox Live Version Delisted

    About 3 weeks ago or more the first installment of shank was removed from the marketplace of xbox live I was interested in the game but I could not buy it and also with its second delivery shank 2 that if it is in the marketplace but my idea was to buy them 2 together, will one day shank 1 go back to the marketplace of xbox live?