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Blurry textures - Shipwrecked

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So I recently got SW in my android (moto g5 - android 8.0 - or 8.1, whatever kek) and it is working fine, just some useless bugs that I can cooperate with like for example, inventory extremely dumb and it will not respond in time and the virtual joystick doesn't disappear when I open my inventory, making it hard to get things. 

Besides this, I'm here to talk about a very ugly one (in the title), the game requires 600 mb but if you wanted 2 GB for better textures it would be fine. What's the matter with the textures? The game is pretty and all (I have a lot of time in-game, PC version) but with this horrible thing, it spoils the experience in mobile. I think it wouldn't hurt if the game required more space for better quality in textures. 

I never saw anything like this even in mobile version of RoG. 



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Holy crap, I’ve seen a few other people’s posts of shipwrecked on Android, but I never thought it would be that bad. On iOS the game is not as nice as the normal Don’t Starve app, but I never imagined graphics like that.

This is what it looks like on iOS:


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I would like to once again draw the attention of developers to this problem. As far as I remember, the problem began after Home Sea Home update.

My device:
OnePlus 5T A5010
Android 9.0.3 (The problem also occurred on 8.1)

At the same time, Don't Starve Pocket Edition is working normally, no problems with textures arise.





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