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  1. "No Giants" DS: Pocket

    I’m having the same problem. I’m at day 68 or so and I haven’t seen a single giant, without changing any of the world settings that concern giants.
  2. Holy crap, I’ve seen a few other people’s posts of shipwrecked on Android, but I never thought it would be that bad. On iOS the game is not as nice as the normal Don’t Starve app, but I never imagined graphics like that. This is what it looks like on iOS:
  3. I’m not sure whether you’re on Android or iOS, I’m use the latter, and I’ve noticed the game itself is not as crisp as the normal Don’t Starve app. The HUD is noticeably bad specifically; the stats icons being really blurry. I’ve been waiting for that to be fixed for ages, but they haven’t done it.
  4. I wanted to report a glitch I found that caused a crash when picking a crop of durian. Btw I’ve got the game on my iPhone 6s, and my iOS is 12.1.2 After I started a game save and picked a durian in an improved crop the screen instantly changed to a page I’ve never seen before, basically stating (what I can tell) what caused the crash in code. I’m not really sure what I did to cause it, although my best guess would be lighting and then extinguishing the fully grown crop (I was testing whether my ice flingomatic had the range for it) because I know some weird stuff happens when you do that. When I click on “Exit Game” I literally leave the game and I’m sent to my home screen, and if I click on “Forum” I’m taken to the Don’t Starve Mods and Tools forum, Would be great if someone could fix that in an update, cos I’d rather not have to deal with this evil demon crop forever. I’ve got a screen recording of it here (hopefully it works) 25AC98BA-45CE-4BBC-9436-E1625B161E2E.MP4