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Suggestions: Report graphics and long term data

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Since we are in the quality of life update, I i tought it would be really nice if we could access reports data for the long term rather than just cycle based. Some days my duplicants dont eat, some day they eat more.. what does that tell me in 10 days? Same for oxygen and stress...I cannot utilise a day to day data that well. Also some visual bar or linear graph would be a nice addition. 

Another thing i would REALLY like: average power consumption. Ex: an electrical system indicates 1.48kw of potential power consumed, but there's a lot of mechanized airlocks and other machinery which doesnt work full time. Having access to the average power consumed in a longer period would allow me to optimise my systems more easily. 

Does changing how difficult we work to figure out these number would affect the "balance" of the game the way design is intended? 

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