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  1. For me it started only to do that since the last big update i think
  2. Expending on the new electricity overlay, it would be nice if we could see which machine is actively producing or consuming, maybe in a similar way that we can see when batteries and transformers turning green or white whether they're charging or not
  3. They aren't manually, directly wranglable, but they were already doing that since a good while ago with the critter drop-off if they were exceeding the limit of a room. Only needs a surplus from a room and a valid drop-off destination
  4. I really really wish there was a way to activate multiple mods at once, instead of clicking each of them one by one each time! Like by click+drag over or check all between two selected. It gets very tedious once you have over 20 mods...especially when you are looking for the few that don't work with the update.
  5. thank you! And from the look of this pic, yours seems to have zooms aberrations too! :/
  6. i have A problem: I seem to have still some issues with the timelapse feature. Firstly it never correctly frame my entire colony, and sometimes it weirdly zoom in then out, and some frames capture the overlays background and makes it flashy colored(temperatures) or black(pipes, automation, germs). A suggestion: It should be nice to add playback control to the timelapse. Like the options of changing the speed of the frames, stop-pause-play, and a scroll bar. And a question: is it possible to access the timelapse file out of the game? Edit: now that i can see better from the files, looks like some of them are taken at night too