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Interesting idea: Add in-game food effects.


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In Don't Starve I feel like certain food is not cooked enough because they have poor states. Feels like everyone just eats meatballs, meaty stew, and honey ham. 

A mod where the forgotten type of food gets buff effects. 
Inspiration: coffee gives movement speed for a short time.

The food doesn't stack and shows icon buff timer like Minecraft effects.

Certain spicy food gives 0.1-0.5 bonus attack modifier.
Certain sugar food gives few like 2% or 5% movements speed buff
Certain hearty food grants 5 extra heart or more for a short time.
Certain exquisite food grants extra 10 sanities for a short time 
Certain hearty food grants extra hunger or slows down hunger 

What do you guys think of this idea? Is it too OP?
I think it's easy to program it because it does not require models and is just adding stuff in the settings of the in-game food.

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