Wendy now has a a use!!

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With the new sanity update I though of a buff that Wendy needed with Abigail!So when near pigmen you gain sanity much quicker due to being in contact or near another living being. Now apply that to Abigail! You no longer get drained sanity at night (or maybe at a greatly reduced rate) when Abigail appears. Also since Wendy normally is in contact with her dead sister perhaps she should just in general lose less sanity.

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While I general feel Wendy is awesome, on principal, it couldn't hurt to have her be on friendlier terms with Abigail. Maybe they could play games during the night or something. Or maybe, as suggested in another thread, Wendy could give toys dug-up from graves as gifts to Abigail and in return cheer her dead sister up... which in turn could work to improve Wendy's sanity.

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