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Mod compatibility - can someone explain something to me?

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I know nothing about DS modding, but I love mods. When Hamlet came out I've noticed something - some mods work with it just fine, and some don't even activate. Some don't activate BUT they break things, and ECS (extended character sample) character works as long as it has hamlet_compatibility=true line inserted into the modinfo.lua. For other mods it doesn't seem to have any effect - I tested by unsubscribing and keeping the mods locally with the line added.

I cannot see any consistency here. Could someone explain why some mods work and some aren't even registered by the game? Why something like Storeroom


cause ice to become immune to Iceboxes?

And most importantly - is it possible for a n00b such as myself to make mods work with Hamlet? Stuff like for instance Shipwrecked PLUS that only affects SW part of the game, but is ignored if Hamlet is enabled on the save? Or extra simple stuff like Wardrobe


that doesn't appear in the crafting menus with Hamlet enabled?


Needless to say, any modifications I'd like to make would be just for personal use. I've no intention of reuploading anyone's mods anywhere!

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