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Cactus armor

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I am not sure how it conflicts. I just know it shuts down my game whne I run the two together. I know both mods have a lot of the same items possibly causing the conflict. All I am literally trying to do is get cactus armor. I am even ok being reduced to leaning some of the coding to make a mod that simply adds cactus armor to a game. The mod with cactus armor is More adventures and a lot more items. I noticed the cactus armor recipe is different in here as well.

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I would love to help you, and I probably could make a mod just with the Cactus Armor, but I'm insanely busy with my exams right now. But the modder responsible for "More Adventures and a lot more items" seems to be very active, and has already fixed some incompatibilities with the "Tropical Experience" mod 7 days ago. I would go write here in the incompatibilities discussion for that mod.

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Yeah, I can't attest to how difficult it is to make item mods work, but anyone who puts their mind and time to it, can learn how to code.

If you want to take a stab at it, you can look at the LUA Crash Course and the huge modding guide thread. Also, you can find a mod that just adds one item, and try to see how it works. Then you can go to the More adventures and a lot more items mod files, and steal the files and code for the Cactus armor, and put those in instead of the files in the other mod. That should get you quite far.

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