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Use on your own risk ^_^

I made this mod so I could easily test out mods that generates through caves.

Now you can craft your very own cave entrance!

It is found under the Structures Tab

You can change the recipe cost through the mod configuration

Expensive (5 Golden Shovel, 5 Golden Pickaxe, 20 rope)

Cheap (2 Golden Shovel, 2 Golden Pickaxe, 10 rope)

Cheater (1 Cut Grass)

An Alchemy Engine is needed for both Cheap and Expensive

while no tech is needed for Cheater

When place in the cave, the entrance will lead you to the Ruins.

When place in the ruins, the entrance will lead you to the cave!

haha yeah, I'm still thinking of a way to prevent it from being place in the ruins -_-

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


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(Buildable CaveEntrance)  Error loading mod!

...423/data/../mods/Buildable Cave Entrance/modmain.lua:19: attempt to call global 'GetModConfigData' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/../mods/Buildable Cave Entrance/modmain.lua(19,1) in main chunk

        =[C] in function 'xpcall'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/util.lua(433,1) in function 'RunInEnvironment'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mods.lua(176,1) in function 'InitializeModMain'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mods.lua(159,1) in function 'LoadMods'

        scripts/main.lua(214,1) in function 'ModSafeStartup'


        =[C] in function 'SetPersistentString'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua(17,1) in function 'SavePersistentString'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/modindex.lua(58,1)

        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/modindex.lua(45,1) in function 'BeginStartupSequence'

        scripts/main.lua(261,1) in function 'callback'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/modindex.lua(268,1)

        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/modindex.lua(248,1) in function 'Load'

        scripts/main.lua(260,1) in main chunk


Have an idea? i have these problem with other mods too :/ (i enabled it alone, just THIS mod)

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