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As I found Lunar Calendar from darkestaxe some days ago I found it very useful. But I couldn't find any calendar, table, chart or whatever for the season cycles, neither here nor elsewhere on the net. So I decided to write my own in MS Excel.

Feel free to change the worksheet and the script to your needs.


Thanx for the nice comments.

F... this voting system. I accidentally gave myself 2 stars and can't adjust this anymore :( Please could some users who like my tool vote for it?

Update 2:

Hopefully this version is the final one.

Thanx for voting.

LAST update:

Due to the amazing Season Clock mod my tool is obsolete:


Thanx again for all your feedback.

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Add more settings to reproduce all combinations of the game options.

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Now we need an in game implementation of this as an item. Thank you for the list btw.


Unfortunately I don't think this ever will be part of the game.



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