Winona aka Lydia (from Beetlejuice) [OPEN SOURCE RELEASE]

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Hey guys. Long time modder, new to this game. So I decided to make a character to familiarize myself with the modding protocals. Included is a PDN with her art files so that anyone who may want to can moddify her further. None of the coding is my work, its from the sample char mod mostly... but I did learn that the sample char mod is designed to use Wilson as a base, so when using a different base (I used Willow for example) you have to copy (in my case willow's) zip from the data/anim folder and buildrename that to work from, not the sample char one. Anyway, that and several other things are already done so that she is fully playable.

Her portrait and Save image are still default (Wilson). I didn't want to make them before deciding on the shape of her hair... because then I'd have to change them, of course. I'd like her hair to be taller, but I am unsure how to do this so far. I believe it can be done by editing whichever integer controls where willows ponytail attaches, and instead making it attach to the top of her head, but I haven't investigated further yet.

Her perks are not implemented yet, because I was testing file structure and spriting primarily.

THIS IS AN OPEN SOURCE RELEASE meaning anyone is free to update it or work on it, as long as you are following the basic rules already established by Klei. I don't need credit.

I will go back and finish her at some point if no one else does, but I'm working on something else at the moment so I'd hate to have her sitting there incomplete when somebody might like to use her. Oh, and her name was going to be Wydia... then I remembered that she is played by Winona Ryder in the film, so if you are wondering... thats where that came from.

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