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First try at modding, so don't smack me too hard, please ^w^

Ever wanted to play one of those creatures that hunt you when you're insane? Now you can. Once a servant of them, but not anymore, Minari now joins the fun. As he was banished from the realm of shadows for being a renegade, he can't now walk through any obstacles so easily and will be attacked by his once-fellows nightmares if met. Yet, he is stronger than any other character and is well-suited for long walks across the wasteland.

*300 hunger with slower hunger-rate

*100 health and sanity = easy to kill and to go back into realm of shadows


*His name started with "M", as he is a renegade villain, just as Maxwel

Unfortunaly has no custom dialogues, as I don't know english well enough to make jokes =(

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I'm so sad : the game crashes on the character selection menu... this mod looked so good, pls can you update it ?

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Before anyone asks again:

1) I don't have DST and I won't have it EVER. Partialy because I can't buy it from STEAM, generaly because I don't have any need in it

2) Because of it, I have NO IDEA of how to make mods for DST

3) So, if some of you want to make Minari DST compatible \ write him some castom dialogues \ change some artworks \ do-whatever-comes-to-your-head - then go ahead and do so. I don't care.

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