Forbidden Lands (Adventure Map) 1.2

About This File

Bored of playing the game without an objective, without anything unique? Well this custom map is arguably better than Klei's adventure mode. Will you follow the path, fight the Hound Master or try to find civilization?

These are the main goals:

-Destroy the Hound Training Camp

-Defeat the Hound Master

-Find all 70 Purple Gems, each one is located at an unusual building/structure

-Take out the Rogue Pig Outpost

-Take out the Rogue Pig Quarters

-Beat the evil Merms at their camp

-Fend of those pesky Walruses in their town

-Crush all 4 of the Tallbird Sites

-Terminate the source of the killer bees in the Death Den

-Free the poor Koalefants from the Knight Outpost

-Destroy the Knight Army Camp

-Destroy the Knight Headquarters

The Story:

It is day 89, you're at your base camp, eating some meaty stew with some roasted carrots and you're attacked from hounds sent from the Hound Master AGAIN, you're getting pretty annoyed with them and with those killer bees as well. So you decide to finally leave the safety of your camp leaving your 'insurance policy' (touchstones) behind, you embark on a journey to end the terrors of this land, to find these legendary Purple Gems left behind everywhere by the dwarfs, explore this strange world you are stuck in and above all.. to destroy the Knight Headquarters, the mischievous villains who imprisoned you here in this land of terror, and so glancing upon the safety of your home one last time, you depart, your eyes set on a bloody revenge...

Things you should know before you start the map:

The general direction of where things are:

How to access your save files:

What a few objects are:

Also please do NOT craft Purple Gems of your own, that is cheating your own collection

Download The Map:

I have completed the map, here are the links for you to download it from:

the map (survival 4 slot):

the save-index if you need it:

Please let me know what you think of this project down below!

Do you guys want something else like this in the future?

This is the link to the download page

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how can i install a map in dontstarve?


How does this work? Wen i download it from media fire or just press the download button i get a text file


Do you have any idea how to do this on a mac? I've no idea how to install it.


what you do is:

1: GO to the dont_starve in the klei folder (same like when you enable the cheats)

2: go to save

3:copy the survival_4 file into the folder, also he  put it as a .txt file so rename that with out the .TXT ("should look like this "survival_4"

4 and last: play!


edit: i dont know why isnt it working

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