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Wreckles is my first mod ever for Don't Starve. It's a character I developed based on myself and on my tastes. All in game textures and coding were done by RafaCRz (me) and the art was inspired on a beautiful drawing Giz_L (my girlfriend) made of us. So please do not reupload this mod or character without permission.



Health - 120

Hunger - 150

Sanity - 120


Hunger Rate - Wilson's x 0.9



  • Gains sanity during dusk and night time;
  • Loses sanity during daytime;
  • Regenerates health when it's raining according to the amount of rain;
  • Walks and runs slower if temperature gets too hot;
  • Gets wet slower.


Special Thanks:

I've used the character template made by Ipsquiggle and TheDanaAddams' tutorial on how to use it. As well as the TEX tools developed by Handsome Matt. So special thanks to them and also to all of you guys who posts your characters here and some hints on how they do what they do. I'm not a modder or a coder and if weren't for your characters and their perks I wouldn't had been able to code Wreckles'.

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