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Contains a character Wenyu.
He is a taoist.
Health: 150
Hunger: 125
Sanity: 225
*Has a wooden sword
*Is less afraid of monsters and their meats
*Follows Taoistic disciplines

See Items to get information about the wooden sword.
All sanity reduction caused by monsters are halfed (include monster meats).
Taoists doesn't eat beef, fishes and bird meat, so does Wenyu. Also, when he attacks or kills animals and birds, he will lose sanity. Taoists doesn't kill innocents. All hostiles aren't considered innocent.
He has a new crafting tab "Taoism", in which his dedicated recipes are shown.
                  Name Description
6Ys0ktx.png  Wooden Sword * Wenyu starts with this item.
* Has infinite durablity and deals less damage than a spear.
* With a papyrus and two nitre items, the wooden sword can be activated (in "Taoism" tab).
6Ys0ktx.png Wooden Sword
(DST only)
* Can be crafted.
* Has finite durablity.
* Deals less damage than the original wooden sword.
6ZcQ4UY.png Wooden Sword
* Has higher damage than original wooden sword.
* Can be enchanted with eight different magic, which can be found in "Taoism" tab.
* When enchanted, the sword will maintain the effect until the next day, and the effect is considered "enabled".
* When new day comes, if there're enabled effects. One of them would be randomly chosen as this day's effect. For example, if "ice" and "flame" effects are enabled, there're 1/3 possibility that the sword has "ice" effect, so does "flame", and there're also 1/3 that it has no effect.
* When all effects are enabled, there will be two daily effect.
* Once per day, the wooden sword can be reactivated to change one of its effect to another enabled one randomly. This costs 35 sanity value. To reactivate, you should equip wooden sword and then hold Ctrl key and right click wooden sword in inventory.
* (DST) The activated wooden sword can copy its effects to another wooden sword. This costs 15 sanity value. The copied effects lasts for 3 days.
* (DST) It doesn't have any effects when the sword is held by other characters, while a crafted wooden sword has.
Eight effect of the sword
                   Name Description
5yecJhz.png Sky
* Double attack damage
WP3ebLY.png Earth
* Increase damage value
* Sanity recovery up
znpqXXx.png Flame
* Ignite target (ignited enemy takes extra damage when attacked)
* Absorb fire (absorbed fire increases damage of next attack)
YvGkC8n.png Ice
* Freeze target
* Extinguish fire
SRAsiow.png Thunder
* Electric attack
* Increase damage value
DDe9VkF.png Wind
* Speed up
* Spawns tiny tornado when attack
WGznGU1.png Mountain
* Multiple attack
55TxcWx.png Swamp
* Poison attack
* Sanity recovery up

What's New in Version 1.2.4   See changelog

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