Steve The Miner Character Mod for DS, RoG, SW! 2.1

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This mod wasn't created by me. It was created by Lord Luxury and it was a good mod, but it didn't work for RoG or SW. So I updated the mod to make it work. Also added more custom lines for the character. I am sure most players now play Shipwrecked so i made that his own Diamond Pickaxe can not only mine, but also chop trees! Don't be too harsh on me. I hope you enjoy the updated mod! :grin: There is also a crafting recipe now for the Diamond Pickaxe ;). Please comment if you have any problems with the mod so i could take a look at the problem/error. :grin:

To craft the Diamond Pickaxe you need: 3 Blue Gem, 1 Rope, 2 twigs.

Steve's Stats: Health: 150

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 500

:happypigs: :yaypigs: :happypigs: :yaypigs: :happypigs: :yaypigs:

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