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I am in need of coding help! I want to make another new character and I noticed that a lot of people were getting help here so now I'm searching for help here.

I've made a full custom character before but this new one will require a bit more coding that i do not have the knowledge to do.

The Perks that i need help with:

-Can make body armor like Wigfrid makes battle helmets.

-He has extra room for items. (the extra slots appear on the side just like a backpack would give.)

-He cannot wear any type of backpack (Krampus Sack, Piggy Back, Etc) and will do the same emote Wigfrid does when you try to make her eat fruits and vegetables if you try to make him wear a backpack.

This extra thing i need isn't for this character, but i would still like to know how to remove the arm model that doesn't hold anything. Making a character only have one arm.



Thanks for the help so far! but i should've mentioned that i have no idea how to create custom armor. I'm looking into armor files to see if i can find anything though.

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custom armor help
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Lumina    1,197
30 minutes ago, MoldyMrWaffles said:


-Can make body armor like Wigfrid makes battle helmets.

Create the body armor you want, create a recipe for this armor, add a tag to the recipe, add the same tag to your character.

Should look like something like this :

AddRecipe("customarmor", {Ingredient("customingredient", 2, "images/inventoryimages/customingredient.xml"), Ingredient("houndstooth", 2), Ingredient("log", 1) }, RECIPETABS.WAR, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO, nil, nil, nil, nil, "armormaker",  "images/inventoryimages/customarmor.xml", "customarmor.tex" )

(You don't necessarily need "customingredient", it's just an example if you use one. Others ingredients are example too, i just copied code i'm using in one mod)

Add the tag "armormaker" to your character.

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MorickClive    13

Found in SGwilson (handy for stategraph events and how characters react to events):

            if ~= nil and not then

sg.gotostate("refuseeat") may possibly trigger just the animation(though haven't tested it).

All prefabs have an instance of an entity, referenced as "inst". You can attach this like so ""refuseeat") ".

inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst, "ACTIONFAIL_GENERIC") .

This will let you have the character comment on the event, any quoted variable will be drawn from the respective "inst" speech file (in this case the inst you're handling).

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