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[General] - Problem with Crash

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Problem with Crash

Issue Description: Hi bought the game these rebates, I love the game but I have a problem when I have 10 minutes or there are playing the game is me crashes and is not saved the world, not is because it may be because your computer isn't because my computer is very good, please someone help me I do not want to repay the game

Steps to Reproduce: He was playing and when took 10 minutes is me crashes and makes me PROGRAMSX86/STEAM/STEAMAPPS put something similar and when step that closed the game again and opened it and didn't have the saved world and create another and then I spend the same 10 minutes I spend this

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Jason    504

Hi TheViperzz98,


I want to confirm I understand your problem:

1) When you play the game, it crashes after 10 minutes.


2) When it crashes it does not save your progress

It that correct?

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