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Transparent Objects/Light Glitch

Edgy spoon
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Whenever something is in front of light it becomes transparent , same with anything that emits light like the Mothling, Abigail and gold 


DST Light Glitch 2.jpg

DST Light Glitch.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

Drop gold or make a fire behind something and the object in front of it should become transparent 

DST Light Glitch.jpg

DST Light Glitch 2.jpg

User Feedback

I don’t think this is a glitch, I actually like this feature- it allows me to easily see gold I’ve dropped in a forest or where Abigail is behind the trees, it also lets you see fires starting that would otherwise be obscure to quickly deal with them.

It let’s me see gold behind a rock that I may otherwise not even notice without rotating my map around a lot to find.

And also- If features like elevated platforms of land were added to the game this same transparency would probably be the only way to make those types of ceilings and walls possible.

It also allows you to see the Gold in piles of Halloween Candy.

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