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Game crashes when trying to host a server

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Hi, I just bought the game in the mega pack edition. I installed it on my Xbox one x. I let it install the updates. 

Big disappointment:  ‘Don’t starve together’ crashes every single time I try to open a server: It goes to ‘loading’ and then freezes there immediately andnI have to go  back to the Xbox Home Screen to shut the frozen game m down.


Also trying to join a server throws an error message after a couple of seconds, along the lines ‘no connection was possible’.

Hope you guys can help me find a solution. Not a lot of fun not being able to play at all right from the start.

Best, Andy 

Steps to Reproduce

Start server

Try to connect to a game 

User Feedback

By any chance are you near a Cactus flower in Summer Season? My game is very specifically crashing in this Area ONLY and I have sent the files to Klei for further inspection so they can test for themselves.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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