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but seriously

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are we going to make weather pains usuable as WEAPONS FOR ENEMIES because they are listed on the wiki as weapons...

they would be fantastic for use in the fight against fuelweaver, killing poison birchnut trees, fast murder of spider queen (not practical, i know). right now, their only use is against trees, even though it's pretty wasteful (except in the fight against toadstool).

Steps to Reproduce
use a weather pain to attack LITERALLY any enemy.

User Feedback

Hey um maybe this isn’t the place for this? This isn’t a bug.. it’s a Suggestion.

A bug: Is like the (now fixed) Tragic Torch Skin Crash..

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i don't think it's a suggestion. the item is listed as a ranged weapon, but won't attack enemies. it's only purpose (on console) is tree farming. if klei didn't want it to be a weapon, they should have moved it from the weapons tab and moved it to the tools tab. sure to that, i consider this a bug.

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