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AHHHH this scared the heck out of Me.

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Okay soooo I’m pretty sure this should NOT be Happening… I’m playing in a world Alone, I have not activated the Terrarium but it is sitting on the ground in my base, Last night I had to log out of my game to take care of real life problems as soon as night was about to start, Today when I log in to finish setting up my Cawnival- I get this nasty surprise.

Most games with built in Jumpscares don’t manage to scare me too often, but THIS made me nearly fling my controller in the air screaming.

Some further input: I am not sure if the Crow Kids can interact with/activate the Terrarium or if this is just a very unpleasant Log Out/Log back in Bug.

A video has been added below- and all I can say is AAAHHHHHHHHH! 

Steps to Reproduce

I have no idea.. place terrarium on the ground, DO NOT ACTIVATE, (possibly near Crowkids?) Log out of the game as soon as Night is about to start (not dusk.. night) re-log into the game later to find this guy waiting on you.

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