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Split screen - Cave loading crashes

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The game is very unstable/prone to crashing when in the caves and on split screen. 

I have crashed loading in solo into the caves

Crashed loading both of us in the caves

Crashed while rotating my camera while player 2 loaded into the caves

 Crashed while getting hit by a Slurtle while player 2 watched in an earthquake. 

Crashed while rotating camera in caves while player 2 uses fridge above ground.

Crashed while using map while player 2 uses their darkened selection of their inventory. 

Crashed upon using menu while player 2 uses fridge. (Very often)

Crashed upon entering moon biome with player 2 present in the caves. 


Steps to Reproduce

Splitscreen and have player 1 enter the caves. Then have player 2 use crock pots, gardens, menus, chests. While player 1 uses the map, menu, and load up and down the cave entrance. 

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.


When days roll over and the Auto save feature triggers - this crashes the game VERY frequently while on split screen, even if you are not in the caves, player 2 doing literally anything while yhe autosave thing happens wil lcrash the game. Sometimes we both freeze solid for 20 seconds before the save even happens and the game still crashes even though we are doing literally nothing excpet standing still in our miner hats. 

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Okay so I've played with the caves on split screen for a bit.

Further testing has showed me the caves crash on splitscreen way more when it is winter. 

I will test the caves in other seasons too and post if it's better or same.

Autumn seems good for the most part if I'm honest, only a few crashes here and there in Autumn.

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A bit more testing has shown issues with loading+saving+'Lunar biome entering' while the caves is raining or partially wet. 

It seems during Winter and Spring the caves are almost always wet or partially wet, and I think this is causing loading issues somewhere, as I can't even go in the lunar grotto for 1 frame without crashing. Even on 1 player servers this crashing happens a bit. 

Summer has not shown these issues in my tests, but still crashes when loading in - only sometimes. 


I started a seperate world that not only has rain off, but it is set to permanent Autumn, so I can't have other seasons or temperatures in the caves. The caves don't seem to crash unless it is the odd "Day rollover save" crash, which only happened once around day 2 saving to day 3 when in my cave. I have a beefalo, many gardens, and so many science, shadow manipulator, beefalo changing station, ect - machines which are in the caves on that world, all seems well in Autumn.


Oops, VERY important thing I forgot. 

One last addition - it seems loading into the game Splitscreen mode will not work for the most part during Winter and Spring, and will crash just like cave loading does. This happens to my wife and I when our world goes around the seasons, but it loads fine when we boot it up while in Autumn. 

To recap, all loading and saving that happens within Winter or Spring seems to crash splitscreen players. 

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