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Lag Compensation settings is here but makes player lag more when off

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I turned lag compensation to "none" on switch version and my character sprite shakes whenever moving making it look more laggy than lag compensation turned on ("Predictive") which doesn't happen on the computer version or other consoles. It's even harder to kite with lag compensation off.

Steps to Reproduce

Honestly the Original Don't Starve Standalone version on switch runs better(performance and frame rate) then Don't Starve Together, it would be good to try that approach.

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User Feedback

I can also confirm the Lag Compensation being set to "None" does not actually do what it intends. 

Adding severe input lag instead of getting hit from 3 miles away is not an improvement. 

The objective is to have your local client run the show, telling the server corrections on small things it's getting wrong - on PC and any other console this works fine, you play and the server constantly gets slapped with corrections it needs to apply to other players screens, not yours - what actually happens is now every single input you send must go from your game, to the server, and then back to you before you see it translate to your screen.


Now battling looks fair and when it looks like i didnt get hit, I don't.

However basic movement is a horrendous chore and it will certainly turn some people off immediately.

No lag compensation disabled is do-able, but if you use beefalo you 'need' lag comp disabled to not lock yourself in a wiggle glitch every time you pick up a butterfly wing. 


I really want to play DST on switch with at least functional performance. Please KLEI... it's not that hard to have the server listen to your screen instead of what it is doing... or maybe Nintendo really is that hard to work with? I'd say this is the most important bug in the game.


(Calling incorrect routing and server priority setup a "bug" is kind of silly but here we are. Now that I think about it, it might be Nintendo's fault solely... good luck Klei...) 

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Yeah I can confirm this too , turning it off just ends up making the game feel worse. Even when playing offline its like theres a massive delay on inputs.


Its gone from terrible gameplay to massive input lag.

What the hell man?

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