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  1. There are some skins that arent yet available on the switch version since its behind the pc and ps4 ports. So any skins from newer updates wont be available til the version catches up.
  2. Its not a bug , thats the same for all console versions. Its a limitation because the system cant handle the options for lots or tons.
  3. Yeah I can confirm this too , turning it off just ends up making the game feel worse. Even when playing offline its like theres a massive delay on inputs. Its gone from terrible gameplay to massive input lag. What the hell man?
  4. Well my big issue is that I feel the switch version is very particularly tailored to playing alone. If I wanted to play dst online , Id play on a tv locked console or a PC. I love playing handheld though , so this is super cozy to play alone. So lag compensation is just entirely hurting the experience. I mean making every ground item taking longer to pick up is annoying but I can get over it , but the other issues...... Like with lag compensation I "can" kite pigs but its much much tighter and way more errors. Making basic pigskin farming a chore. And other things like kiting a treeguard , I get in fewer hits per swing and so the fight takes longer and lose precious time , and I lose more sanity. I have tried running up to a spider to hit it , and got hit by the spider before I could hit it myself. And then not to mention the bosses of course , if you do happen to kite deerclops then youll have a hard time getting out of range in time , for dragonfly ....shes faster than the player already , so kiting is way harder and requires some movement boost. For a very precise game , the imprecision kills. And thats not even mentioning the SEVERE issues with boating. There have been times where I crashed into land or seastacks because I could not physically get off the steering wheel to hit the anchor. I will run over to the anchor and hit the button only to rubber band snap back and be on the steering wheel again. I have had that happen 3 times in a row trying to stop one crash into land. It is a MASSIVE issue for trying to boat around , you have to take it way slower and safer because you cant react in time. It just feels like they should be getting to this issue ASAP , because its affecting the entire game and dragging the whole experience down. But I do wanna end with that I love the game , and despite the complaints it kinda runs amazing for switch. I honestly never expected this to run , so kudos and thanks to the devs. It really is a dream come true ......but we need to be able to turn this off. You can see all the lists of people calling out this issue , it is ruining the experience for alot of people. And for the more hardcore players like myself..... its frustrating.
  5. Can the devs not just push to auto turn off the lag compensation like they did for the dang auto login issue. For the love of everything. This issue affects every aspect of gameplay and makes it worse. Picking up items takes longer , boating has lag issues , one cant kite enemies , rubber banding in fights. Every aspect of gameplay is being hindered and made worse by this single toggle option.
  6. This issue is getting really frustrating. I cant kite simple mobs , I cant kite bosses. It causes issues wigging out on boats. I cant do most of the content. This single issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Its almost unplayable , it really is.
  7. As said Ive had issues with repairing my boat when I dont want to. As when I hover over a log on the boat itll say repair instead of fueling the fire or what not. That said you cant repair the boat if its at 100% health , so a fresh boat cant be repaired. It has to be damaged first.
  8. Thats actually incorrect , it can be hard to target the boat but I have fixed the boat myself in the game. There are issues with targeting on the boat for sure though. For example I was constantly targeting the boat for repairing when I would be right ontop of my firepit and trying to put some fuel in it. Only to repair the boat instead of fueling the fire.
  9. They do know about the lag compensation issue , they already said they're gonna be looking into fixing the issue.
  10. From what I see you cant seem to buy the character alone for 3000 spools , so I was mistaken. The cheapest one with the character himself is the wormwood chest for 6000 spools , aka about 6 usd then. Sorry for the confusion. Kind of a shame they dont sell the solo character , only with the skin.
  11. So far in about day 80 myself and I feel like the lag is a little overexaggerated, I think I had bigger issues with lag in Breath of the wild on wii U. Tho I turn down seastacks explicitly to help keep lag down (since they have little effective impact on gameplay besides being obstacles) The big issue is currently the lag compensation which makes the game rubber band even on solo and causes false hits on enemies and stuff.
  12. He is actually available but you dont get him via buying Dont starve hamlet on switch. You can however buy the game for about 7 USD currently if you are an owner of Dont starve on switch. Meaning you could buy the game , and wormwood (about 3 usd) for still less than the base price of the game at around 10 USD The only current unavailable character is wanda who is a later update. Wortox , wurt , wormwood are all available however!
  13. If you go boating and try pushing kelp toward land to try and beach it , itll just clip into land instead and just be inside the land
  14. 100% unplayable yeah. I cant even kite basic mobs , bosses would be nigh impossible.