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Lag compensation movement bug

Lunar waffle
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So I disabled lag comp and DST switch and I noticed I started moving a tiny bit slower but it wasn’t to bad until a hound wave came and I started moving extremely slow and I couldn’t out run them even with a walking cane

Steps to Reproduce

I disable lag comp and I got attacked by a hound wave I’m not sure how many there were I think around 10

User Feedback

I think I saw what you had issues with. 

I have to turn off lag comp in order to ride my beefalo, which is bad cause it makes the creature turn like a double decker bus. 

HOWEVER there is VERY prompt movement if you only rotate your camera

Every time you touch the joystick to move there is awful input lag and the game will make you run slow for 5-8 seconds after changing direction. However turning the camera does not cause the same slowdown. 

To specify, the reason i need lag comp disabled is because of the wiggle side to side softlock bug - it's not actually a softlock, you just need to turn off lag comp to get rid of it.

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It was added to the setting without any update, I guess the settings is server side stuff??? Idk-  You can disable it in there, 4 or 5 from the bottom of the list-  but you will notice input lag if you change joystick direction, attack, open chests, or collect stuff.

I would like to say it's almost as if the game is collecting stuff faster than the animation plays out. So i have no idea if I am being fast, but i can usually start a collection task on my Beefalo and walk away before it's done and still get the materials. 

Camera turn seems very prompt though, for whatever reason, I use that a lot on my beefalo to avoid hound waves, cause turning normally somehow allows me to get hit 90% of the time :/ 

But im immune with camera turn

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Murdering a pig is still about impossible, we can see where we actually are, but maneuverability is horrendous.

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