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Kiting and enemy attack range

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Perhaps its due to the fps , or maybe something else. But as someone who has put alot of time in dont starve from the original , to the vita , to the pc dst , to the switch. I know a bit about kiting in the games combat.

Perhaps its the lag compensation but enemies seem to be able to hit you from range even if you are nowhere near them , the same for you trying to attack them and attacks wont connect.


This is not an issue on the solo version of dont starve on switch , nor an issue on the pc version of dst

Steps to Reproduce

Try basic kiting maneuvers with a pig.

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User Feedback

This is definitely due to lag compensation which is enabled by default, but for the switch port can’t be disabled.  I’m hoping they can get a patch out soon for this, as it makes it unplayable for me.

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Yeah it’s unplayable, but the biggest problem in my opinion is the player attack range. The character just stays in place and swings the weapon instead of running to the enemy as usual.

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