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Game data persistently lost such as worlds and time

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I have observed that others have had this issue as well. There is a problem where the servers will disappear or rollback to about 2 days previous. This happens when the game crashes or when the game is manually closed from the Nintendo Switch home. I have seen this happen at least 5 times at this point and it doesn't just happen to me. I have friends who have experienced this issue and I've seen online there are others who describe the same exact problem.

This couldn't be hard to diagnose with a log viewer and some time. Simply launch the game and run it for a while and then save and disconnect and then close the game out. Re attempt several times if necessary. This happens often enough that it can be predictable. Nearly any other case where the game crashes could probably reproduce this issue (exit the cave while the game is saving if you're desperate for a crash)

I would like to note that the game crashing is a separate problem and while it obviously shouldn't happen it's bound to and an expected part of software. However, the loss of data is very serious and isn't as simple.

Steps to Reproduce

Option 1:

1. Launch Don't Starve Together on the Nintendo Switch

2. Log in to an existing account

3. Host a new world and launch it

4. Allow some time to pass in order for there to be multiple saves to potentially rollback on

5. Save and disconnect. Close the game from the Nintendo Switch home menu

6. Log back in and review the hosted worlds

Expected: There should be no difference to the hosted worlds before and after the game closes

Option 2:

1. Launch Dont Starve Together

2. Log in and host a world

3. Allow time to pass to create save states

4. Attempt to crash the game

5. Reopen the game and review the list of hosted worlds

Expected: There should be no difference in the worlds (however, the crashed world may be a day behind, considering it crashed and probably didn't get a chance to save)

Actual: There will be worlds missing or worlds that have gone significantly far back in time

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