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Crashed once i equipped the torch's skin " Tragic Torch"

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As the title says. 

the service command: Rescue me! could do its more since switch can't run lag compensation correctly, Add ClearBufferedAction() and components.locomotor:Stop() to deal with the bug that character pace back and forth.

anyway i really wish you could improve the controller's usage. i have to move around to change interact target, Add a new key to select target nearby might help a lot, it can be combine keys since i think it's a great waste for l/R buttons just to rotate camera.in the craft tab, the right analog stick controls the tab and the left controls player's moving sounds more reasonable,  

Cut down the priority of Teleport. Actions: mount, tunoff, take item, assist and so on, i can't equip orange staff when i do those actions.

Steps to Reproduce

Equip Tragic Torch, game crashed


Anyway i really like the feeling playing don't starve in hand! and as we all know, klei is the best company in the world, i deeply believe you won't let me down.


User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Im not a coder or anything of that sort, so I don't know if those commands are perfect - but regardless this looks like a very helpful post, and brings up a good amount of qol enhancments. I would like to add to the pickup issue idea.

Adding the ability to lock onto objects available for pickup would be super helpful, so you just highlight one royal jelly, and then lock on and hold a to collect all nearby royal jellies. Then it stops you from auto picking up anything else until you let go of a and re-press it. 

So many times ive killed flowers in my bee garden trying to get stingers and honey out of there.

Pretty please Klei:)

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I would love if targeting got a little better, especially with item pickups. Tooth trap fields are a bit irritating to maintain because you can't just hold a button for loot picking or trap resetting without picking up your traps. Forces you to take extra time nudging your character all over to try and target the loot and traps that need resetting without messing up your hound welcome mat.

Would also love tilling farm plots to be a little more intuitive. It's pretty difficult trying to fit the 3x3 tilling into each plot without constantly shuffling the same dirt pile, wasting time and hoe durability. A visual indicator that lets you know if you're too close and just moving the dirt would help immensely. Making the tilling snap like wall placement could also be a huge improvement.

I have faith that Klei will make improvements to some of these issues at some point. They've been killing it with the QoL updates lately, and while I suppose it's a little selfish, I would love to see a QoL update meant for improving the console experience.

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