Wortox's Soul Hop stuck at mid range

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Hello! I don't know if it was intended, but after moving to PS4 to play with friends (as DST is meant to be enjoyed) I arrived to the constant without knowing my new favorite character, Wortox, was unknowingly bugged in the effect that his Soul Hop ability range is not able to changed in any way.

Again, I don't know if that was intentional, but it honestly created a mild rift in my entertainment of the game. I still love you Klei, I have enjoyed DS games and many of the others, but I fell in love with this character and hate to see him bugged to the point of an almost "nerf." :(

All my love,

Steps to Reproduce
Just a general Soul Hop, the ability range doesn't change no matter what I press, even when I "long press" the O button and try to move the directional sticks.

User Feedback

I don't think it's a bug. It's been like that since they released him. It's just one of the joys (punishments) that we go through for playing on console. Sadly. 

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