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Unable to create a world

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I bought this game(Don't Starve Together PS4) and i was really excited to play with my friend but instead of playing i on day 1 before patch was released couldn't play because of some inventory loading bug which they patched. Day 2 i tried again to play and i got passed the first loading screen and i met a new problem, when i tried to make a new world it loaded forever(20 mins) and still didn't start.I have fast internet and a well maintained ps4 so i know it isn't that , its the game.

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Create a world
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We recently rolled out Update 1.46 for PlayStation 4. Could we get you to update your game to the latest version to see if the issue persists? If so, please provide more information (and screenshots) of where you are getting stuck andĀ if it's a customized or default world. Are you able to connect to other people's servers?

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